92203 outside the engine shed 92203 in BR Service storming out of Chester in 1967 92203 accelerates out of Chester in 1967. "Black Prince" on shed with the rest of the ESR loco fleet. 92203 outside the shed with the fireman polishing the cabside. "Black Prince" climbing the bank from Cranmore to Merryfield Lane. "Black Prince" descending the bank to Merryfield Lane. 92203 entering the Motive Power Depot at Cranmore. David Shepherd on the footplate of 92203 with Driver Alan Jeffries. 92203 in Cranmore Station 92203 leaving Cranmore. 92203 in Cranmore Station David Shepherd at the controls of 92203 with driver Pete Chandler 92203 Black Prince stands on Cranmore depot. 92203 in the Motive Power Depot at Cranmore. Fireman Linda Cowen at the controls of 92203 in Cranmore station. 92203 climbing through the cutting towards Merryfield Lane. 92203 at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway steam gala 92203 climbs through Doulting Cutting, heading towards Merryfield Lane station.