The first stage of this shunt was to clear out the workshop. As there was stock in the position the crane was going to be moved to, this had to be shunted out of the way using the 08 diesel no.08032, which also checked clearances. First the chassis of E1 no.110, which is currently being overhauled in the workshop, had to be moved out of the way. E1 no.110 being pulled out by 08 diesel 08032. The workshop is cleared, now for the stock on the other side. The tanks for the E1 are currently resting on the chassis of wagon no.W66014 and this was pulled through the shed by 08032. With the siding clear, GWR crane no.2 is prepared to be moved through the workshop. Approaching the workshop - it looks like it is going to be a tight fit. In fact, too tight a fit. The crane is a inch or two too high for the workshop door. The view from inside the workshop - it really won't fit. The only solution is to cut a slot in the door frame to allow the crane through. Roger Cooke does the job balanced on the crane. With the crane through the door, Roger makes sure the it fits under the lights in the workshop. Still a tight fit through the workshop. ... and out through the other door - just !! Crane Nr 2 Sits out the Workshop