5637 in Cranmore station GWR 56xx no.5637 stands in Cranmore Station on a cold Winter morning. Father & Son crew, Dick and Steve Masters, on the footplate of GWR 56xx no.5637. 5637 being loaded with coal for the days work. 5637 standing in front of the Engine Shed. 5637 setting off to start the days services. Heading towards Cranmore, 5637 on the way for the first train of the day. 5637 being lit up in the engine shed, along with a couple of other engines, in preparation for an event. 5637 stands in Cranmore Station. In 2002, 5637 was repainted into BR Black with an early crest. Here, it stands in the depot yard waiting to go off shed for the 2002 steam gala. 5637 in Cranmore station 5637 in the yard at Cranmore During the 2003 steam gala, 705 hauls a freight train down the incline towards Mendip Vale with 5637 bringing up the rear. During the 2003 steam gala, 5637 ascends the 1 in 56 incline from Mendip Vale with a passenger train. During the 2004 steam gala, 5637 stands in Cranmore station loop with a freight train, standing next to the newly installed signal. During the 2004 steam gala, 5637 stands in Cranmore station loop waiting to start off with a freight train. During the winter of 2004/2005, some boiler repairs were undertaken on 5637, which necessitated the removal of the boiler. The chassis of 5637 is seen here outside the workshop.