Thomas stands at Cranmore.             Brake Van rides in 'TOAD' Kids (both small and large) watch the traditional Punch & Judy show on the platform - 'Thats the way to do it'. The kids admire Thomas at Cranmore station platform. Thomas passes the signal box and newly installed siganl whilst running around the train. Thomas running around the train. Admiring onlookers watch whilst Thomas approaches his train. Thomas waits to pull out the next train. Thomas descending the bank towards Mendip Vale. Thomas at Mendip Vale waiting to take the train back. People crowd around Thomas at Mendip Vale.      Thomas at Cranmore West platform. 30075 pulling the train into Cranmore. 30075 at Cranmore West 'Lord Fisher' on Driver-for-a-Fiver duties in the yard. Thomas and 30075 at Mendip Vale, running around their train.