Photo Gallery for 'February Concrete Sleeper Relay'

Following an appeal to raise funds to purchase concrete sleepers, during February 2016 Civil Week the Permanent Way gang replaced 171 wooden sleepers with 169 concrete sleepers. The difference is explained by incorrectly spaced wooden sleepers being replaced with correctly spaced concrete sleepers. A 14 tonne 360 excavator was hired in to assist with the relay work. Well over 100 of the wooden sleepers that have been recovered are suitable for immediate reuse, these will be used to improve the condition of the track around Cranmore Station.

After the success of this Civil Week, it is hoped that we will be able to purchase at least 100 more concrete sleepers ready for the Civil Week in October 2016. These sleepers represent an excellent opportunity for us to invest in our infrastructure and as such we really need everyone to donate generously to the appeal. Each sleeper costs us just £21.75, including delivery, and comes complete with rail chairs. Click here to donate towards this very worthwhile project.